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Woodwinds And Brass- Summer Reminders

This information was originally sent out on June 11; please review it to make sure you are 'caught up' on what's going on for brass and woodwind students!

  • Smart Music Program: Our marching show music has been uploaded to the Smart Music platform, an online tool for practicing and assessing our playing. We will encourage ALL brass and woodwind students to create an account (if not done earlier this year as part of eLearning), and to register for our Frisco Marching Band class so they can practice and submit summer achievements- see the email sent to you on June 15th.

  • One-on-one work with squad leaders: Each member of the band has been assigned to a ‘squad’ with a ‘squad leader,’ an experienced older member of the band student leadership team. Squad leaders will be able to help new members get started on basic marching band skills, and an approach to practice their music. These sessions will be scheduled at the availability of the squad leader and individual members, and can happen online or in person with social distancing measures taken, at the discretion of both families involved.Squad leaders should have reached out by now to their incoming new members; please let Mr. Simon know if you have not heard from him/her.

  • Summer Private Lessons: IT’S NOT TOO LATE- there is no better way to keep up musical progress over the summer months. Teachers can also help students prepare for the marching season and work on their show music! Our private teacher contact info can be found on the band website; click here to find the list directly.


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