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Frisco Band Pre-Registration Process

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Pre-registration materials- due at this time. If your family has not done so, please SCAN and SUBMIT your paperwork at this link. Please hold on to the original papers as well, so that we can accept those at a later date, in person. If you are not able to scan your documents at this time, please reply to let Mr. Simon know.

If not already done, please complete:

  • The online Charms information update (instructions in your pre-registration packet. Band Members click here, Color Guard click here)

  • The FISD Off-Campus Activity Release Form (to be scanned and uploaded; also in your packet)

  • The Medical History form (due from EVERYONE) and Physical Examination Form (NEW MEMBERS only this year, completed by physician), are not due until August 3rd

**NEW FRISCO BAND FAMILIES may be interested in this offer for a $20 physical exam for athletes and marching band members, from CareNow!


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