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Marching Band Contest Audience Decorum

Parents and students, we are so excited to begin our journey this season into marching band contests! These are very exciting shows- there are some things we ask of audience members to help ensure the focus remains on enjoying the performances of our young people, and honoring their hard work.

  • Unlike football games, the band shows are THE reason everyone in the audience is there- there should be no talking during any band's performance

  • However, CHEERING/APPLAUDING before, during, and after the show at appropriate moments is highly encouraged, and can be a real boost to the student performers!

  • Silent cell phone use is discouraged while a band is performing (texting, games, etc), as it detracts from attention given to the students on the field

  • Videoing performances from the audience is prohibited at most contests, as it can infringe on copyright laws (we will have our official videographer capturing the performance , and it will be made available to the Band family!)

  • Still-photo picture-taking is an exception, though please be mindful of those behind you when holding up your camera

  • Getting up to go to the restroom or concessions should ONLY take place in the 5-minute pauses between bands, when one band is exiting the field and the next is entering

  • Likewise, you should only enter into the seating area from the concourse during one of these breaks, and not in the middle of a show (most contests will have ushers sealing off entry during a performance)

  • Accordingly, please plan ahead for your arrival to watch the Frisco Band- it's a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes before our performance time, so you can ensure you will be able to get into the seats!

  • Unlike most athletic competitive events, marching band contests are a celebration of the hard work and talents on display from ALL the students on the field, not just those from the Frisco Band. Our students will be giving standing ovations to ALL bands they get the pleasure of watching, and we invite our parents in the audience to do the same!

  • Finally, we ask that everyone affiliated with our organization (parents and students) demonstrate grace and humility when the announcer is reading off scores and placements. Applauding and cheering very enthusiastically for the Frisco Band when we are announced is GREAT; we'd love to see an energetic applause for all other bands when they are announced as well.

  • The directors are always proud of our students' hard work no matter what their score or placement- we hope that our audience members' applause and enthusiasm will also reflect that sentiment!

Thank you so much for observing this guidance as we move into the marching contest season. PARENTS, as always, we appreciate all the ways you show your support for your children and the Band!


The Frisco Band Staff


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