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Frisco Band Concert Tuesday 12/13- STUDENT ATTIRE UPDATE

Frisco Band Family,

We hope you are enjoying the weekend. We are grateful to FISD for a BRAND NEW set of formal concert uniforms for the Frisco Band this year, and also to our amazing uniform volunteers headed by Ms. Jodi Casey, for their tireless efforts in fitting the students and helping prepare everything.

We were on target to wear our new attire at Tuesday’s holiday concert, but a due to a last-minute snag in our plans for sewing hems, we will be pushing back the first wearing to our February concert. Therefore, for this Tuesday’s concert, students are asked to wear “nice clothes” of their choosing for their performances, with these guidelines:

  • Male style- A dress shirt or golf style/polo shirt w/collar, tucked into dress pants with a BELT (through pant loops and fastened), dress shoes and dark socks. Ties are great but not required. Suits and/or sport coats are great as well, but not required.

  • Female style- Dressy pants are appropriate, or a skirt or dress below the knees. Upper arms, shoulders and torso should be completely covered. Comfortable fit and modesty while performing are both a must. Shoes should be closed-toe, flats or 1-2 inch heels.

  • For this concert, bright ‘holiday’ colors are welcomed, as are Santa hats, reindeer ears, etc!


  • No jeans or denim (not even black jeans or colored denim)

  • No shorts, lycra or skin tight leggings/ mini dresses or sweaters over lycra

  • No t-shirts or casual, collar-less shirts (i.e., t-shirts, under armour)

  • No flip flops or flip flop style shoes, strappy sandals, tennis shoes, Converse, or Toms/super casual footwear

Please let us know if you have any questions- thank you so much!!

-The Frisco Band Staff


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