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Friday Raffle Update and Call For Help

Good morning Frisco Band Families,

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to this point to make our annual car raffle as successful as possible. Due to the high number of packets being returned late, and with all or most tickets unsold, we are facing a pretty significant shortfall resulting in over 200 tickets out of 1000 yet to be sold, with just two days to go.

We are urgently requesting that anyone who might be able to sell even one or two more tickets over the weekend, please contact Mrs. Yamashiro at - we would be so grateful for any last-minute additional sales your are able to muster.

The annual raffle is a major source of fundraising for our boosters, who do so much to support the endeavors of our students! As things stand now with the current raffle progress, we will likely be in a position to examine raising our band fees going forward, something we very much hope to avoid.


The Frisco Band Staff


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