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Band Car Raffle Update And Plea

Frisco Band Parents,

THANK YOU to all those who have sold their 6 tickets, and returned stubs! And, thank you to those who have been actively selling tickets with plans to sell all of their six and return stubs by Tuesday.

We are writing to let everyone know that with 4 days to go, we are right below the break-even mark, having currently collected/sold online stubs for just under half of the 1000 tickets issued.

This means that we are REALLY hoping that those who still have their ticket packets do indeed plan on selling all 6! At this stage, if we receive packets with unsold tickets next week, we will struggle to meet our goal of selling out 1000 tickets (which we have successfully done for the past 5 years)

We are asking a few things of our families as we wind down, to help finish out this year’s raffle successfully:

  • Please do everything you can to sell at least the 6 tickets that were issued to you in your packet

  • If you think you can sell additional tickets, please contact Joan Yamashiro at

  • Please return your envelope, sold out or otherwise, as soon as you can (next Tuesday is the deadline for those still working to sell). The next drop-off opportunity will be after school on Monday, from 4:15 – 4:45 pm.

We believe our wonderful Frisco Band Family will pull through and make this another successful fundraising year! Remember, the success of the raffle is largely the reason we are able to keep our band and color guard fees the lowest in the district- if we are not able to reach our potential with our fundraisers, we may be forced to raise student fees in the future!

Thanks for all you do,

The Frisco Band Staff and Band Boosters


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