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All-Region Band Phase 2 and Freshmen Audition Results 2021

Once again, we are so proud of all of our members who prepared the all-region audition music this Fall. Preparing for and completing this process is so important to our students' musical development, and we are excited for the musical gains achieved this Fall by all who participated.

We are excited to announce our 11 All-Region Band members, and our 7 Freshmen All-Region Band members!

Congratulations to these students who placed into the All-Region Bands:

Mananya Gupta- Piccolo, Concert Band

Riley Huff- Flute, Symphonic Band

Aidan Yamashiro- Clarinet, Concert Band

Samant Lingala- Bass Clarinet, Concert Band

Maadhav Kothuri- Trumpet, Wind Ensemble**

Olivia Ross- Trumpet, Concert Band

Laksh Gulati- F Horn, Symphonic Band

Eeshwar Parasuramuni- F Horn, Symphonic Band

Elijah Silguero- F Horn, Symphonic Band**

Neel Gulati- Euphonium, Concert Band

Tyler Hermann- Percussion, Wind Ensemble


The full results for the Phase 2 auditions can be found here.

Congratulations to these students who placed into the Freshmen All-Region Band:

Ishana Krishnan- Flute

Sagarika Arora- Clarinet

Minah Kim- Clarinet

Faith Ryu- Clarinet

Niva Malthankar- Alto Saxophone

Ishaan Thakur- Alto Saxophone (First chair!)

Aiden Mathew- F Horn

The full results for the Freshmen auditions can be found here.

Congratulations to these fine young musicians, and thank you for representing Frisco High School in the All-Region Bands!


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