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All-Region Band Phase 1 Audition Results 2022

Frisco Band Family,

We had 59 members who completed an audition tonight in the all-region band phase 1 auditions- CONGRATULATIONS to all of them! Learning the music in the midst of a busy fall season is a tremendous undertaking, and we are thankful for those students who took on the challenge, worked hard in private lessons, and applied themselves.

We are SO PROUD of these Frisco Band members who placed high enough in their phase 1 rooms to advance to Saturday’s phase 2 audition- they will be auditioning again for the chance to be part of the All-Region Band! Congratulations to:

Riley Huff- Flute

Ishana Krishnan- Flute

Dhyani Shah- Flute

Brianna Mihelich- Clarinet

Minah Kim- Clarinet

Faith Ryu- Clarinet

Aidan Yamashiro- Clarinet

Ishaan Thakur- Alto Saxophone

Olivia Ross- Trumpet

Laksh Gulati- F Horn

Haneef Ibrahim- Euphonium

Nicholas Kelly- Tuba

*Note: The percussion auditions are incomplete due to technical complications, and will commence with Phase 1 again on Saturday- hang in there, percussionists!

Full phase 1 audition results can be viewed here.

Congrats again to everyone who auditioned, and to those who are advancing!

The Frisco Band Staff


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