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Snap! Raise Fundraising Campaign For March-a-thon

(Information sent in an email on August 11th)

Last week during rehearsal we spoke to the Band members about kicking off our 2017 March-a-thon fundraising campaign! We will be discussing this year’s March-a-thon at our upcoming parent meeting on Thursday, August 17th, at 8:00 pm, but we wanted to give you a heads up on a new platform for students to gather donations this year.

We will be partnering with a company called Snap! Raise, which manages an online means of reaching out to donors who can then in-turn pay via credit card, PayPal, etc. Our campaign officially kicks off next week, with Brandon, our local rep, working with the students to get setup in the online platform. Snap uses the power of email, text, and social media with a safe, fun and interactive approach.

What we ask of parents/guardians is to help their student gather 20 (or more!) email addresses of their biggest fans. Last night the students were given a “Snap 20” sheet, which will serve as a guide for them to gather their list of emails (click here for your reference). You may review the info below to see just how safe and impactful this campaign can be for us.

*Note: Your contacts are strictly private and protected, and never sold or shared.*

Snap Fact Overview:

1. Safe and Protected - Snap! Raise is the safest online donation campaign available. All data is private and never redistributed. Your student’s information on the Snap page is less detailed than what would be on a team website roster.

2. Online donation platform - Reach potential donors via email, social media, and text to ask them to support our program and visit the page, where they can seamlessly donate.

3. Email Strategy - All supporters will receive a receipt for their gift that is tax deductible, included with a personalized thank you from the student. There are three reminder emails sent to donors, with an option to unsubscribe.

4. Network - Snap’s platform and process is what makes their campaigns so successful. It allows an extensive reach across communities by providing options to connect with multiple donors and their social networks, maximizing our raising efforts.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Parent meeting and Preview of our 2017 marching production this coming Thursday, where we will have additional information about the March-a-thon and Snap! Raise. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Mr. Simon at, or our Snap! Rep, Brandon Salisbury at, with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of your students’ Band program!


The Frisco Band Staff


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